UoG to Change Lives of 2 Syrian Refugee Students in 2016


We are beyond thrilled to announce that our university is to welcome 2 Syrian refugee students to study with us next year.  Here at WUSC we can’t wait to be a part of every step of the process that is to come.

When it comes to changing lives and improving life, the UoG truly is a school to be proud of.

Read the article about this exciting news on the university website.



In support of the Canadian Council for Refugees “Proud to Protect Refugees” initiative leading up to Refugee Rights Day in Canada (April 4th, 2014), WUSC Guelph is running an information-spreading, knowledge-gaining, participation-encouraging campaign this week!

ON WEDNESDAY APRIL 2nd, we’re giving away t-shirts to be worn on Refugee Rights Day, FRIDAY APRIL 4th. 

Drop by THE UNIVERSITY CENTRE COURTYARD to pick up your shirt, meet the WUSC Guelph Local Committee, and find out more about refugee rights in Canada! A reminder will be sent out to participants on Thursday April 3rd, with more information about why this day matters to many Canadians, and how YOU can be proud to protect refugees in Canada.

On Friday April 4, don’t forget to wear your shirt and join us in Branion Plaza at 12:20 for a group photo!

We will be tweeting, facebooking, and talking about how Canada can do better for people who come here seeking safety from persecution, violence, and danger in their home countries. Some great links to get you started in your knowledge search:

Challenging The Myths: The Truth About Canadian Refugee Law

Canadian Council for Refugees: About refugees and Canada’s response

Did you know… ? Facts about refugees and refugee claimants in Canada

Canadian Doctors For Refugee Care: Issues with changes to the Interim Federal Health (IFH) program

Keep up with us on Facebook HERE! Don’t forget: April 2nd, come pick up your shirt, and April 4th, wear your shirt to help spread knowledge and awareness about refugee issues in Canada!

Click below the cut to see more about Refugee Rights Day …proud2protect

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