See You Tomorrow @ Refugee Campus!

It’s finally here!  Come by the UC courtyard tomorrow and Friday anytime between 9:30 and 4:30 to experience Refugee Campus 2015.

Stay tuned for exact times for tomorrow’s Refugee Lunch, also to be held in the UC courtyard.  Spin the trivia wheel and fuel up on rice and beans or pizza between midterms while learning some eye-opening facts about what life is like for the millions of refugees around the world.

Thank you to Brass Taps for their contribution of food and the trivia wheel!


Fight Ignorance. Fight Apathy. Fight Hunger.

So goes the slogan for Hunger Awareness Week here at the University Guelph, which WUSC participated in yesterday afternoon in the University Centre with our Refugee Lunch event. Our goal was to raise awareness about hunger and the food aid situation in refugee camps. By spinning our game wheel, people had the chance to win either pizza or a portion of rice and beans representative of the food typically received in refugee camp rations. The event was a huge success (who doesn’t love free food?), with a large number of people stopping to learn more about WUSC and refugee issues. Alongside the food we also had a wonderful concert by former WUSC sponsored student Ruth Mathiang, whose multicultural, infectious musical sounds got the whole crowd dancing! Check out some photos below, and see the complete set on our facebook page.