See You Tomorrow @ Refugee Campus!

It’s finally here!  Come by the UC courtyard tomorrow and Friday anytime between 9:30 and 4:30 to experience Refugee Campus 2015.

Stay tuned for exact times for tomorrow’s Refugee Lunch, also to be held in the UC courtyard.  Spin the trivia wheel and fuel up on rice and beans or pizza between midterms while learning some eye-opening facts about what life is like for the millions of refugees around the world.

Thank you to Brass Taps for their contribution of food and the trivia wheel!


Refugee Camp(us): DAY 3

Today marks the final day of Refugee Campus for this year, and we have one last exciting event for you folks!

Today from 1-3pm come on out to Branion Plaza, in the space beside Zavitz Hall, to test your tricycle racing skills! Some wonderful members of our local committee and SRP support group are participating in this weekend’s national Ride for Refuge bike-a-thon on October 5th that supports 175+ charities who serve the displaced, vulnerable, and exploited across Canada, with our funds going to support the Student Refugee Program through WUSC.

Come out and meet some of our team, win a prize, buy a WUSC bracelet or DONATE (ONLINE OR IN PERSON) to help us raise money for this great cause!


ImageP.S. Look out for reflections on our Refugee Campus experience and what this event means to us later in the week.

Refugee Camp(us): DAY 2

The Cannon!

Old Jeremiah is now sporting a fresh coat of paint!

Come out today from 12-4pm in Branion Plaza to get yourself some free fair trade chocolate, learn about the Student Refugee Program, and maybe buy yourself a snazzy WUSC bracelet to support the SRP!

And don’t forget about our Son of the Clouds documentary screening FOR FREE TONIGHT @ 5:20 pm in RICH2529 (across from Rozanski beside Thornborough)

See the trailer HERE.

Sons of the Clouds documentary screening

Refugee Camp(us): DAY 1

Hi all!

TODAY IS THE DAAAYYYY, we have launched Refugee Campus 2013!

Unfortunately due to the poor weather this morning we have postponed setting up our tents until 1pm, and we have shifted our Student Refugee Program Appreciation event (handing out fair trade chocolates) as well as selling our WUSC bracelets until tomorrow afternoon, when the weather is supposed to be nicer!

Please check the google doc for the schedule update, and if you signed up to help today don’t feel obligated to come tomorrow, but as always the more the merrier. Schedule HERE.

Regardless, we have our poster display set up at Branion Plaza now so go check it ooouuutttt people! And look for a bright blue cannon tomorrow!

Hope you all have a happy Monday amidst this gloomy weather!

PS. Don’t forget about the Sons of the Clouds documentary screening tomorrow night at 5:20pm in Richards Building 2529. See the trailer HERE, and RSVP HERE.