About WUSC

World University Service of Canada (WUSC) “is a network of individuals and post-secondary institutions who believe that all peoples are entitled to the knowledge and skills necessary to contribute to a more equitable world. Our mission is to foster human development and global understanding through education and training.”

Check out www.wusc.ca for more information about our international programs and development work across the country and around the world!

As of 2012, we are no longer an accredited Central Student Association club on campus, but rather we are now clustered under the Student Life department, to better integrate ourselves into the campus and provide connection to other groups include the Office of Intercultural Affairs.

Our Local Committee has chosen to focus on two programs to make ourselves most effective in the work that we do with WUSC.

The Student Refugee Program

Each year our local committee sponsors two or three students from refugee camps to study at the University of Guelph. With the support of the University of Guelph Administration and the undergraduate student body we are able to make this happen!

The Shine a Light Campaign

The Shine a Light Campaign is a development project for women’s education in the refugee camps. In many schools in camps the ratio of girls to boys is 1:4. Our local committee wants to give girls a chance to catch up by sponsoring solar lamps to study after dark, remedial education and school supplies to give girls a chance to catch up and finally scholarships in order to enable girls to study outside of the refugee camp.


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