Shine a Light on Women’s Education @ Open Mic Night November 18


With an education, girls in refugee camps are far more likely to avoid early marriage.  They are more likely to have healthy, spaced pregnancies.  Their children are more likely to survive beyond age 5 and become educated themselves.  Educated girls become empowered women and they help inspire and lead their families and communities out of poverty.

But in refugee camp classes, boys outnumber girls 4:1. 

Education is a powerful tool and without it few of us would reach our full potential. In refugee camps very few girls have the opportunity to pursue their education beyond primary school and without education these young people have no way out.

Let’s Shine a Light on what girls can achieve if they overcome the challenges they face in accessing education in the refugee camps.  WUSC will be holding a brief talk in the Bullring during Open Mic Night on Wednesday November 18th – please join us to learn more about how the University has helped provide girls with the tools they need to learn, to strive, and to succeed, and how we plan on doing so in the future.


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