Refugee Camp(us): DAY 1

Hi all!

TODAY IS THE DAAAYYYY, we have launched Refugee Campus 2013!

Unfortunately due to the poor weather this morning we have postponed setting up our tents until 1pm, and we have shifted our Student Refugee Program Appreciation event (handing out fair trade chocolates) as well as selling our WUSC bracelets until tomorrow afternoon, when the weather is supposed to be nicer!

Please check the google doc for the schedule update, and if you signed up to help today don’t feel obligated to come tomorrow, but as always the more the merrier. Schedule HERE.

Regardless, we have our poster display set up at Branion Plaza now so go check it ooouuutttt people! And look for a bright blue cannon tomorrow!

Hope you all have a happy Monday amidst this gloomy weather!

PS. Don’t forget about the Sons of the Clouds documentary screening tomorrow night at 5:20pm in Richards Building 2529. See the trailer HERE, and RSVP HERE.


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