Hi all you lovely blog followers!

Lots of stuff has been happening here at WUSC Guelph, so much that we’ve been sorely neglecting this little corner of the Internet! First and foremost, it is one week until our highly-anticipated REFUGEE (CAMP)US!


Taking place in Branion Plaza on the University of Guelph campus, this is a three-day long event dedicated to raising awareness about refugee issues and campaigns, through various activities and displays. Check out our schedule of events below:

September 30th

  • 35-years of SRP: Thank you to the Guelph student body for supporting the thriving Student Refugee Program at our wonderful school! Come stop by and grab a free fair trade chocolate (from the lovely Camino Inc.) and learn about the SRP!
  • Painting the Cannon: A time-honoured Guelph tradition, we will be adorning the cannon in Branion Plaza with the classic WUSC blue & white!

October 1st

  • Sons of the Clouds: the last colony FREE Documentary Screening: Come out to our FREE screening of the recent 2012 documentary about the plight of refugees in the Western Sahara region, directed by Álvaro Longora, and featuring Javier Bardem. Arrive promptly at 5:20pm, in RICH 2529 (across from Rozanski beside Thornborough). Check out the trailer HERE.

October 2nd

As well, come check out our poster display around our tents in Branion Plaza to learn more about international refugee issues as well as WUSC’s programs. Our famous WUSC bracelets will also be for sale for 2$ each, so grab one while you can!


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