Time flies when you’re having fun …

Hello all you lovely people,

It is officially exam season on the Guelph campus, and with a very successful semester behind us, the WUSC Local Committee has closed up shop for the summer. We are currently transitioning between outgoing and incoming executive members for next year, and we are also very excited to have some new faces joining our support network for the Student Refugee Program! Look for a post introducing everyone closer to the beginning of the Fall 2013 semester. This year has been an absolute blast, I can’t believe it is already ending and it is sad to see some old familiar faces go, butI am so excited for our upcoming projects!

Our final event on campus was on April 4th, which is Refugee Rights Day in Canada. We set up a table in the University Centre, with our ever-present WUSC board containing information about the SRP and other programs, and bulletins from the Canadian Council for Refugees. Our “Proud to Protect Refugees” banner received a lot of loving, with people stopping to sign and even indulge in some painting to leave their fingerprints as a sign of solidarity (and for some good old-fashioned childhood fun). We also gave out green ribbons for people to show their support for refugee rights; in our minds, green means means life, sustainability, and hope for better refugee rights in Canada. Check out some photos below!

Hopefully all of you enjoy the coming warm months, and check back for periodic summer posts with news about refugee and development issues, as well as updates from the Local Committee!

Much love,



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