Refugee Lunch & Ruth Mathiang Concert (March 13)

Hungry? Come on out to the UC on Wednesday March 13th for some FREE FOOD!

WUSC Refugee Lunch
In coordination with Hunger Awareness Week (March 11 – 15), stop by and spin the game wheel in the UC Courtyard for a chance to win either a slice of pizza (including a vegan option) OR a portion of rice and beans typical of a refugee camp. The World University Service of Canada is running this event to raise awareness about refugee issues surrounding hunger and conditions in refugee camps. AND IT’S ALL FREE!

While you’re eating your food you can also enjoy the wonderful music of Ruth Mathiang, a singer whose sound ranges from Hip Hop, Reggae, Afrobeat, to Gospel. She will also be sharing her experiences as refugee and a participant of the WUSC Student Refugee Program.

For more information check out our facebook event!
And to listen to some of Ruth’s music, head on over to her myspace page.

Ruth Mathiang


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