College Royal Coat Check: CONQUERED

That “spring foward” hour is always dreadful, but especially so when you happen to be running the coat check at a ball with over one thousand people. Luckily, our team of twenty amazing, wonderful, energetic (and as many other awesome adjectives you can think of) volunteers took it all in stride. We checked in (and out) over 1200 coats, and with no losses or damages which is an amazing feat of organization. It was stressful, and tiring, and frustrating at times, but it was a great team bonding experience and we also raised money for our Shine a Light Program! The details on the exact amount are still being calculated, but College Royal will let us know once they have balanced their books.

I want to personally thank everyone who volunteered with us who is not a part of the WUSC Local Committee. I am so appreciative of you and your willingness to a) give up your Saturday night to help a good cause and b) jump right in to your roles no questions asked. I can’t sing the praises of all our volunteers enough.

Now I hope you all got some sleep!

– Tecla


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