Student Refugee Program Support Positions!

Hey everyone!

Things are getting busy around here and we want to keep you all in the loop!

Firstly, applications for Support Positions in the Student Refugee Program for the 2013/2014 academic year are still open, and the deadline is tomorrow! If you are interested in being involved in one of the most rewarding volunteer programs on campus, read on:

The University of Guelph sponsors two refugee students each year to immigrate to Canada and complete their undergraduate degree at UofG. A team of Support People (students) and staff advisors support the students during their adjustment to the Canadian environment, culture and academic system and ensure that the administration of the program runs smoothly. The Primary & Secondary Support people receive training prior to the arrival of the sponsored students and ongoing training throughout the school year. More information about WUSC and the SRP can be found in the Student Refugee Program and Who We Are tabs!

To apply, please e-mail your resume and a cover-letter (one page maximum explaining why you are interested and what experience and skills you will bring to the position) to Allison Broadbent, Staff Advisor to the WUSC local committee, at <>  by March 8. Please indicate in your cover letter whether you are applying to be a Primary or Secondary Support. Shortlisted applicants will be interviewed.

Secondly, if you would like to help out with the College Royal Coat Check this Saturday (March 9th, 8 pm to 2 am) we still need 4 or 5 more volunteers! We need to have twenty volunteers there the whole time, I know it’s a long time commitment but just with the logistics of the night it’s easier to have everyone there for the whole length of time. This is a great fundraising opportunity for WUSC and our Shine A Light Program for refugee girls, plus you can bring a laptop or homework or whatever else you want to do during down time. Dress code is a white shirt and black pants, nothing too fancy but just so we’re easily identifiable. Please let me know ASAP (by Friday March 8th at 5pm) if you can volunteer!

Oh and don’t forget to tell your friends about buying tickets (available in Brass Taps and at the door), because the more tickets College Royal sells, the more money WUSC makes! 

Keep those smiles on, you’re all wonderful people!

And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout,



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