End of February Updates

Hey all,

Hopefully your week back after the break is going well, I know everyone’s busy with school picking up but it’s nice to see some friendly faces on Monday nights. There are a few updates that came out of Monday’s meeting that everyone needs to be aware of, so I thought I’d send a mid-week newsletter just to catch you all up!

  1. Those interested in Exec positions for the 2013/2014 school year, please have a short blurb prepared for the March 4th meeting, as well as sending it to the WUSC email by Saturday, March 2nd. All positions (Co Chair x2, Chair of Events x2, Chair of Finance x2, and Chair of Communications/Social Media) are open to everyone! As far as I know, Yassin and Charles (Chairs of Finance) will be reapplying to their positions, but don’t be afraid to put your name out there! See the attached file in the email for position details.
  2. The College Royal Ball (March 9th) is quickly approaching! Please advertise on Facebook/Twitter/your blog/other relevant social media. Details can be about tickets and where the money is going can be found here. The more tickets they sell, the more money we get for Shine a Light! As well, if you are interested in helping out that night, please shoot me an email so I can add you to the list.
  3. We have an event coming up, the Refugee Lunch (March 13th) in connection with Hunger Awareness Week. We will be giving away free food in the UC, either a piece of pizza or a typical refugee portion of rice and beans, which people end up with by spinning a game wheel. We will also have general information about refugee issues available, to improve our campus presence and to raise awareness. Most of the initial planning has already been done, but please come out to the meeting on March 4th if you are interested in helping out!
  4. As well as our exec presentations, we will be having a fun poster designing session at this week’s meeting (March 4th). Come with your creative juices flowing, as we want to get posters designed for both the Refugee Lunch event and the Zumba event happening later in March!

That’s all for now, if you want more details please see the minutes attached to the email!

Have a wonderful Wednesday,



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