May we take your coat …

Great news today team!

WUSC Guelph’s Local Committee has been successful in our application for hosting the coat check at UoG’s annual College Royal Ball on March 9th, 2013! This is a huge honour for us, as College Royal is the biggest university open house in North America, and the Ball is a highlight of many students’ school year.

For us, hosting the Coat Check means two things:

  1. A wonderful fundraising opportunity; WUSC will be getting $0.75 per ticket sold (up to 1350 tickets) and $1.00 per ticket after that! This money is going to support our Shine A Light program, which aims to improve opportunities for girls education in refugee camps.
  2. A great way for us to raise WUSC’s profile on campus, to bring to the attention of the student body the issues we fight for!

Please post information about this on your facebook, twitter, blog, wherever! Just get the word out. As well, if you want to help out at the coat check please send an email to so you can be added to the list of volunteers.

Additional information about the College Royal Ball:

Ball tickets go on sale in the UC today to the end of the week.  Tickets are only $25 (or $30 at the door) and allow us to fund a “fun, free, family weekend” for  Open House.  After Friday, tickets will be available in the Brass Taps.  

Important things to share about the ball include: All ages (4 all ages rooms, two which have live bands, one with video karaoke), only chance to party with all faculties on campus, take over all five floors of the University Centre (which has been transformed to take students “Around the World in One Night.” The Ball runs on March 9th from 9pm-2am. The Ball is a licensed event for those who are of age and Coat Check will be provided for free the night of ball!


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