As a Canadian do you value your access to federal health care? How would you feel if that was taken away from you?

For many refugees in Canada this is now an unfortunate reality. As of June 2012, the federal government has implemented cuts to the Interim Federal Health (IFH) Care Plan, creating a gap in coverage for certain groups of people including refugees and refugee claimants.

Other provinces have stepped up to the plate and taken a stand to fill this gap and investigate the consequences of these changes for refugees in Canada. But Ontario hasn’t said a word! We are hoping to bring this to the attention of politicians, especially with the Provincial Liberal Leadership Convention happening this weekend.

If you would like to take action, stop by the UC today to speak with us about the IFH Gap and to sign a petition to bring it to the attention of Ontario politicians! If you can’t make it you can always sign online on your own time, and check out this website (http://www.health4all.ca/) for more information. As well, take to twitter and get #FilltheIFHgap trending by tweeting at politicians and leaders of our country!


Use your social media for good!

– Tecla


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