Welcome to our new website!

Hello to you, visitor to our little corner of the Internet!

Welcome to the University of Guelph World University Service of Canada‘s Local Committee blog (what a mouthful!). Hopefully you have ended up here through an interest in development, education, and/or refugee issues, or if you have seen us out and about on campus.

WUSC (as we like to abbreviate it to save some stumbling over words) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Canada whose cause is a passionate belief in promoting education as a means of development. Officially incorporated as a non-profit NGO in 1957, growing from the International Student Service which raised funds, collected clothing/books, and demonstrated their solidarity with students in need around the world, WUSC now has an ever-growing list of campaigns and projects in over 20 countries worldwide. It would take ages to describe the wonderful work that WUSC does for each of these programs, so to expand your knowledge please head over to the national website, which is your greatest resource to learn about what WUSC truly is at it’s core.

The University of Guelph has a strong tradition of involvement with WUSC, and our Local Committee is one of the biggest and most enthusiastic in the country. We take pride in our work involving the Student Refugee Program, the Shine a Light program, and various fundraising and awareness events surrounding refugee issues.

If you are looking to get involved with us, by all means tweet us, like us, email us (wusc@uoguelph.ca), the whole shebang! We would love to get to know you, the more the merrier!

– Tecla (Communications and Social Media Coordinator)

2012 Local Committee of the Year


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